December 17, 2010

Misa digital guitar

Yea, It's Real
The Future of
the Guitar?

Some of you may remember earlier this year when a short youtube video of the incredible looking Misa digital guitar had people all hot and bothered about the future of music. People were either ranting against it, or raving for it. But people were talking, and talking is a good thing.

The Original

Is this for real? Who would use it? Where can I get one? How much does it cost?

These were the questions circling around the guitar, and for the most
part people were in the dark. Personally, I had forgotten all about
it, assuming someone's idea had fizzled out, and the whole project had
been shelved.

Apparently I was wrong. On December 15th Misa announced the release of
the Kitara and the Kitara Limited Edition. Now, for the very first
time, you can own your own stringless guitar.

That is a Sexy

I don't know if you love it or hate it, but as of right now, the
guitar has gone digital.

This is a serious investment, however, with the standard Kitara going
for $849 and the Limited Edition for $2899.  Put in your order
for it now, before the backlog gets too heavy.

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What do you think? Do you love the musical revolution? Or are you a
traditionalist that scoffs at this newfangled rubbish? Let me know in
the comments.

Special thanks to Toliver Edge who wrote this article!


  1. I think this will just die out because old timers will stick to the real thing.

  2. Haha, I think that's pretty awesome!

  3. Haha, This is awesome, maybe I can actually play on this!

  4. Holy crap!!!! I want one of these for xmas! lol

  5. That actually looks damn cool. Imagine if they make an instrument with full sensors all around it.

  6. Interesting concept...but I don't see it as replacing the guitar. It is essentially a specially shaped/design synthesizer. I do see it as a new form of instrument, but I don't see the guitar going anywhere.

  7. will music be same? i think it will get worse

  8. It sounds ok, maybe if the technology improves a bit more.

  9. hmmm, interesting, nothing can replace the feel of nice guitar though,

  10. Whoa I have never seen this before....wonder if it'll actually replace the traditional guitar in a few decades

  11. i agree with "game store guy" in the sense that it won't replace the guitar. it's an incredibly awesome concept for toolin' around, but the guitar is an instrument with too many elements to be replaced with something entirely electronic. regardless of how advanced the device is, i doubt it will amount to anything more than a novelty (i.e a guitar simulator). however, it's an excellent demonstration of the numerous ways in which touch-screen technology can be applied.

  12. the sounds of it need to be fixed. it's sounds too much like static when it goes down low.

  13. Wow, never seen/or heard of it til now. Thanx.

  14. Wooow, this will be the new guitar in no time I'm guessing.

  15. think it's gonna take some time but yes i'm quite sure this could be the future

  16. That looks rather interesting. Did they come up with this idea from the plastic guitar controllers used for Guitar Hero?

  17. this is cool but i dont think it can replace electro guitars
    it may bring some new music type in the market though

  18. I disagree with Das Auto. It could be a stand-alone instrument, not something to tool around with.
    Let's not forget that stringed guitars have had a couple of hundred years to Misa in a decade.

    It will just take one popular artist (hopefully Prince) to make a hit with this...

  19. Very cool, but I can't imagine it can sound very guitar like. Cool as a synth for guitar players, I'm good at guitar and cant play keyboard at all, but it isn't going to replace the guitar any time soon.