April 11, 2008

Mount Everest gets 3G connectivity

If climbing to the top of Mount Everest is one of your life’s ambitions, then might we suggest you open a Facebook or Twitter account if you haven’t done so already. After all, you can now surf the Web as well as make phone calls via a regular GSM 3G network on Everest, so that equals to another blow to satellite phones if you want to communicate with those at the bottom of the mountain (and friends elsewhere around the world). Heck, video calls as well as FaceTime conversations will also be made possible from 17,388 feet above sea level. You can also tweet your exploits or update your Facebook status right there and then, thanks to network operator Ncell of Nepal.


There are many reasons kids and adults alike, have difficulty reading. One may be dyslexic, or have poor vision or other reading related issues. The Intel Reader has found a way to transform the printed word so now everyone can “read.”
The Intel Reader makes it possible for you to read anything you want, whenever you want to. It is relatively small, portable and with the included earbuds, pretty discreet.

The way it works is simple enough, like a camera, you point the unit at the text you wish to listen to, shoot the page, as you would a picture, and then listen as the text is converted to speech. Similarly, one can use the Intel Portable Capture Station that will allow for the “copying” of large amounts of text, like magazines or books.

The unit has excellent storage capacity and easy to navigate controls that will allow you to take lots of content with you, and still have room to read some work related material and your menu at lunch. Content can also be converted to MP3’s enabling you make your own audiobooks that can be played on a handheld device or computer. The Intel Reader is also compatible with some downloadable content like DAISY digital talking books.

With tactile buttons and voice menus, this Reader opens a whole new world to people with reading problems and allows independence at home, work and school.