April 5, 2011

H2O Water Powered Shower Radio

This shower radio's making a wave

It is what it says it is – a water-powered radio that you can listen to in the shower. And it's the first of its kind in the world!

The shower radio that runs on water

Shower radios are popular – problem is, you need to keep replacing the batteries. Well, not with the H2O Water Powered Shower Radio… this ingenious contraption uses water to power it, enabling you to listen to your favourite radio stations while you shower.

The shower radio is easy to use and it can be installed by anyone, so you can put that dusty toolbox away again. Simply fit the radio in line with your shower hose to allow water to flow through the H2O micro turbine. This then drives a generator that produces energy, giving life to your radio while you shower.

You can even carry on listening once you've finished showering – the radio stores energy, enabling it to carry on emitting your favourite sounds, as well as remembering the station you were last on for your next shower. Shower radios don't come more energy-efficient or elegantly-designed than this!

H2O Water Powered Shower Radio Best Bits

- Listen to music, news and information in the shower
- Energy-efficient – no batteries required
- Easy to install
- Economical, ecological and convenient


  1. Genius! I almost want one! The pity is I don't like the radio here, but otherwise, ohhyes! Heh

  2. dear GOD....the future, is now.

  3. This is awesome!

    I've very impressed. I <3 technology

    Come check out my new fish tank, i finally got everything set up.

  4. Oh wow, so people can listen to music without fear of electrocution.


  5. hahaha. way awesome. i need this. :)

  6. somewhere along the way this will fail someone will die

  7. Actually, this looks pretty useful! No more dying in the bath lol. Supporting and following. alphabetalife.blogspot.com

  8. I like that, that's a bloody good gadget.

  9. GREAT concept! I always think about how much potential energy we waste.

  10. lol wtf, who listens to the radio in the shower. in reality u can grab a shower during a commercial break and u wouldnt miss a song

  11. I disagree with Bart - everyone loves singing (along) in the shower!

    Technology is incredible.
    Not unrelated is the latest round/post over at alphabetwars if you care to stop by!

  12. I don't find it useful but it's a nice concept.